Los Lobos Film.

From Doug Blush of Madpix Films: “We can finally tell the world about this amazing adventure we’ve been on for the last few years, via Variety¬†– the epic 50 year history of Los Lobos is in full production on the road for 2025! Proudly rolling with the band with my co-director Piero F. Giunti, producers Robert Corsini, Patricia Harris DiLeva, and Flavio Morales, EPs Anthony Small, John Echevestes, and a growing family of crew, supporters and talent!”

This feature documentary, boasting unprecedented and exclusive access to the band and their personal archival footage and music, will offer an intimate and exhilarating look inside this uniquely American band. Featuring exclusive interviews with international artists and activists including Dolores Huerta, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, George Lopez, Bonnie Raitt, Ozomatli, Congressman Joaquin Castro and Edward James Olmos, this creatively charged documentary will tell a spectacular and inspiring story of cultural fusion. It promises to deliver what the country and the world needs now more than ever – positivity, empowered through art, music and passion.

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