Vanish – Disappearing Icons of a Rural America.

Madpix co-founder Doug Blush had the privilege of working with fine art photographer Jim Westphalen on his feature length documentary film, VANISH – DISAPPEARING ICONS OF A RURAL AMERICA.

“Written, directed and produced by Jim Westphalen with Academy Award winning story consultant, Doug Blush, Vanish is a call to action; a film designed to make us sit up and notice not only the visual beauty of these structures as they stand today, but, for those who have the passion and resources, a poignant encouragement to at least maintain, if not restore these fading treasures. We are living in a period of profound historical loss all across rural America. For when these structures disappear, along with the generation that knows their stories, another piece of our heritage will be lost forever.”

Visit the film website for upcoming screenings and to watch the trailer. VANISH is available for educational and community screenings through Good Docs.

Jim was interviewed recently on PBS News Weekend:


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