About Us.

We are MadPix, Inc., a Los Angeles-based production company founded by dedicated, passionate filmmakers. Whether creating our own socially-relevant, award-winning documentaries or collaborating with you to help shape your story into an impactful film, we’re committed to inform, entertain and inspire.

Film Production

Award-winning film and television projects

We’ve crafted a catalog of non-fiction projects ranging from the award-winning features THE S WORD, OF TWO MINDS and BEYOND LAUGHTER AND TEARS to television specials, social platform work and cause campaign media for over 25 years. 


Expert story and editing consultation

Our years of experience can help your film or project succeed - contact us to discuss how we can help make your film a standout for festivals, awards and distribution with our range of consulting and advisement services. We’ve been a part of Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and multiple film festival awards over the years, and we know how to shape stories to stand out in a crowded modern film market.

Public Speaking

Keynotes, seminars, panels and more

Lisa and Doug have both been featured as centerpiece speakers at events and seminars across the United States and around the world, weaving both practical experience and relatable personal stories of crafting meaningful films into their talks. Whether appearing in an intimate classroom setting or lecturing before hundreds at a high-profile symposium, they engage audiences with their down-to-earth manner and fascinating narratives.


Our Team.

Doug Blush | Co-Founder

Doug Blush is an award-winning director, producer, editor, writer and cinematographer whose work includes over 200 feature and television projects. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) as well as the American Cinema Editors (ACE). Credits include, as Executive Producer, the Critic’s Choice and Peabody Award-winning MR SOUL! (2020), as well as a number of Academy Award-winning documentaries: THE ELEPHANT WHISPERERS (2023), PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE (2019), ICARUS (2018), and, as supervising editor, 20 FEET FROM STARDOM (2013). Current projects include co-directing the documentary film LOS LOBOS NATIVE SONS, now in production and due for a 2025 release. Visit Doug's IMDB Page

Lisa Klein | Co-Founder

Lisa Klein is an award-winning director and writer dedicated to crafting groundbreaking documentary features. Her current project, THE S WORD, is a documentary that tackles one of the most cloistered issues of our time through the emotional stories of suicide attempt and loss survivors. In 2012, Lisa co-directed the award-winning film OF TWO MINDS, a journey into the lives of remarkable people living, struggling and triumphing with bipolar condition. She tours the country speaking and using her films to raise awareness of mental health issues. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received an M.F.A. from the University of Southern California. Visit Lisa's IMDB Page

Patricia Harris-DiLeva | Director of Community Outreach

Pat has over 20 years of event management experience, including stints as Promotions Director for the Los Angeles Marathon, Project Director of Perelman, Pioneer & Company, a Los Angeles-based event management firm that specializes in sports and entertainment, and Senior Director of Media Operations for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. Throughout her career Pat has overseen the development and execution of a variety of major events. She brings this extensive event background to MadPix, Inc., overseeing the development of outreach and marketing programs and day to day operations.

Josh Bayer | Editor

Josh is a writer, director, editor and cinematographer from West Bloomfield, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011, wrote and directed an award-winning short film for Super Soaker in 2012, and then migrated to Los Angeles, where he has filmed and edited a steady slew of documentaries and narrative films. His recent credits include 2020 SXSW selection Console Wars, Rock Camp (2021) and GameStop: Rise of The Players (2022). His short films have appeared in festivals nationwide. He is now on the cusp of moving to Chicago to continue to realize his experimental and truth-seeking visions in an exciting new location.

Abbey Reznicek | Assistant Editor

Abbey is a Los Angeles-based documentary editor/assistant editor. Recent projects include ON THE RECORD, THE DARK SIDE OF A HOLLYWOOD ICON, DETAINEE 001 and WHITE COAT REBELS. She graduated with honors from the University of Missouri with two bachelor’s degrees, in Documentary Journalism and Film Production.

Bryan Lushbough | Graphic Designer

Bryan began his professional career in Columbia, MO as a Marketing Manager and Creative Lead for an engineering firm in the water sector, producing product literature, photography, and videography. He recently moved to Los Angeles and, in addition to working with THE S WORD, serves as a Lead Designer and Marketing Manager for a firm in the retail sector. Other notable projects in which he’s been involved include the documentary short UNTIL ARCTURUS and the fictional horror short, PERSISTENCE. He graduated with two degrees from the University of Missouri in 2016: a BA in Marketing and a BFA in Graphic Design.

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