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Lisa Klein.

Lisa Klein is the award-winning director of THE S WORD and OF TWO MINDS. She tours the country, speaking and using her films to raise awareness on mental health issues. Whether appearing in an intimate classroom setting or lecturing before hundreds at a high-profile symposium, she engages audiences with her down-to-earth manner and fascinating narratives.

As the survivor of both her father and brother’s suicides, Lisa struggled with the ‘whys’ for years, along with the guilt, shame and confusion that lingers in suicide’s wake. The story of her journey from young adult in denial to the passionate, mental health advocate she is today is a compelling one. That, coupled with the experience and knowledge she’s acquired during the making of her films, gives her a unique perspective, which she shares with audiences in her own inspirational way.

Lisa attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate and holds a MFA degree from the University of Southern California School of Cinema. She has spoken before a far-reaching variety of organizations, including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, the University of Michigan Depression Center, MIT and the Brookings Institution.

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