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Of Two Minds.

Madpix Films    Date: 2013

Take your best day and your darkest moment…and multiply it by a million.

OF TWO MINDS is an award-winning feature documentary that explores the extraordinary lives, struggles and successes of a few of the over five million Americans living with bipolar disorder. Personal stories of harrowing events, medical mazes, discrimination and the efforts of social stigma blend together to create a compelling look at a generation coming out of the “bipolar closet.” OF TWO MINDS puts an authentic human face on bipolar disorder, providing an intimate, sometimes painful, sometimes painfully funny look at those who live in its shadows: our parents and children, our friends and lovers…and ourselves.

Clint O'Connor

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Of Two Minds is a film about people, brave souls willing to reveal personal stories of the torment raging inside their braiins. this is intimate storytelling.

Noelina Arciniegas

NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness)

Of Two Minds is one of the best (if not the best documentary) I have ever seen on mental illness.

Kenneth Turan

Los Angeles Times

An intimate look at bipolar disorder.


Educational DVD / Streaming

OF TWO MINDS is now available through Good Docs to bring to your school, organization or community. When visiting the Good Docs website, please check the dropdown lists for your type of organization and the delivery option that best fits your needs.

Individual Streaming

OF TWO MINDS is also available for individual streaming on Priime Video.

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